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    What shortcuts/tricks do you use while using Internet to save your time?

    Mostly all of us are using Internet on our daily basis, we carry out most of our work using Internet whether it may be related to office work or work from college. Internet helps me to prepare one day before my college exams. So when it all relates with Internet, I would like to know what shortcut or tricks do you use to save your time while surfing Internet. For example: so far I have come across some Internet shortcuts or tricks which are very beneficial for me to save my time and some of them includes:

    1. Define "any keyword": this is the shortcut for knowing meaning of any word directly without exploring any further links.
    2. To download a YouTube video we can modify its URL and add "ss" after "www." and hit the enter button and it will redirect us to the page where we can download that video in different formats.

    There are some more shortcuts like these which I often use while using Internet and I would like to know what shortcuts our members are using while they browse the Web.
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    Nice information post. I am not very used to these short cuts but often I use Ctrl-F for finding function, F11 for full screen, Ctrl-+ for zoom in, Ctrl-- for zoom out etc.
    Earlier I was using arrow keys to navigate also but sometimes they created confusion with our write up so I stopped doing that.

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    Few more shortcuts you could try while using Internet are:

    SHIFT+CTRL+T: This will open the last page you were using. It happens many times with me that I accidentally close the web page I was working on as after few hours of surfing Internet there are lot of tabs collected in the browser.

    SHIFT+ENTER: Type a URL in the URL box and press SHIFT+ENTER key this will open the desired URL in a complete new window. You can use this shortcut when you are working on two different subjects and don't want the tabs to be mixed up.


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    You can actually save a ton of time through using computer keyboard shortcuts take example of copy and paste shortcut for a consideration:-

    Imagine that you want to create a document in Microsoft Word and you need to include articles from the web until you look through and article and find it relating to what you want, but there's a twist it's a long article and your hands can't do much to type a looong article.

    Then what do you do? Simple, you just copy the content hold control key and C and now go to your word document and press control and V to paste!

    Simply you saved your time using a small shortcut!

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