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    Endless money: what will you do?

    Corona virus has made many of us feel bored, because of which I thought to create an interesting thread so that the members could share their creative ideas. Suppose you get endless money, what 5 activities will you prioritize in your to do list? If I was given endless money, I would first travel to different countries with my family and friends, buy cars (including Ferrari and Rolls Royce) , mansions, shop for clothes. I would love to go on adventurous tours with my lovable and close ones.

    Though money can't buy happiness for long term but money can give you some happy moments in your life for sure. Do you think money could buy happiness or could be enough to live a happy life according to you?
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    Though Techulator site is for technical discussions but once in a while we can discuss such out of context things also. What you have mentioned is exactly the wish list for me also if I get such a large amount of money as a windfall. Only thing is I am a retired person in my seventies and my age would not allow me for some of these indulgences. So, even in that situation, I would prefer to ask questions and also answer questions in this site.
    Knowledge is power.

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