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    What tools do you use for content writing?

    What tools do you use for content writing?

    We the members of "", regularly keeps on posting valuable content to various content writing websites. Many of us use grammar checking tools to check the content before posting it globally. As it is very time-consuming to check line by line like an interpreter to find errors and mistakes so we do use such online tools to do this work for us. Though, there are plenty of such tools available on google but what are your top picks and why?

    Moreover, do you use any other tool apart from grammar checking?
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    I am only using the free version of Grammarly app for checking the spellings and other syntax related things in my write ups I am much satisfied with its performance and is suitable for my use. Many of my write ups were checked with this app and I found some major mistakes in them and could correct them in time before submission. So, I am benefited by it to that extent.
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    For Grammar correction and editing the content Grammarly is the best app.

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