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    Do you move your important data from mobile device memory to a removable memory card?

    Nowadays we are getting voluminous data in social media and that is filling the device storage fast and we have to delete it time to time. We keep only important things there but with time that also accumulates and hundreds of files are stored there and becomes a nuisance. A better strategy is to move the important data to a removable memory card in categorised folders for easy retrieval and access and keep the device memory as clutter free. Are you following this practice?
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    I assume the space being occupied in your device is from Whatsapp. I have set my Whatsapp to not download any image or video automatically. It gets downloaded only when I click on the image or the video. This way I never have to face space issue on my mobile.

    Also, I have set SD card as default for storing any images or videos. So any screenshot or photo captured from my mobile camera automatically gets stored in my SD card. And, whichever image is important and I want to keep it indefinitely, I upload it to Google Drive.

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    Ankit, you have provided some valuable technical inputs. These tips are very useful and we would try to incorporate them. Appreciate.
    Knowledge is power.

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