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    Which browser you are using in your mobile device?

    There are many browsers available for mobile environment. I was earlier using UC Browser but due to too many advertisements I switched to Chrome but I found it a bit slower. Then I started using both of them selectively. Which browsers are you using in your mobile device. Are you satisfied with the prrformance of the particular browser you are using. Can you share your experiences in this regard.
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    I am using Google chrome always. There are no problems till now. Performance is good.

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    I have Chrome and Firefox on my Android smartphone. I use Firefox more since I don't trust Chrome with my privacy. It works smoothly.

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    I would also try with Firefox and let me see how it runs in my mobile.
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    I often use the default browser which comes embedded in an iOS named safari for general browsing as I believe it to be much secured than other browsers available including Google Chrome. I tried using UC browser but wasn't satisfied with its performance as it show many pop ups, advertisements, notifications etc. Though this can be turned off to a great extent but UC browser keeps up showing fake news which was one major point of un-installing it.
    However, Safari browser lack in providing some additional features because of which now I have Google Chrome as well as Safari both on my smartphone.


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    Best Is Google Chrome, use chrome on all of my devices .

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    I'm using both opera and google chrome. Opera browser saves more data compared to Chrome, and in addition, Opera has an inbuilt VPN also.

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    From my point of you I use Google Chrome its very simple and easy to use, its very best browser to use

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    I'm using the latest version of the browser available on my mobile device. Keeping it updated ensures smooth browsing and access to the newest features.

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