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    Which apps are going to delete from Google Play Store.

    Sir/Madum, I have gets a latest news from Google Bloggers 20th Feb 2020, by Per Bjorke, Senior Product Manager, "Disruptive ads enforcement and our approach."
    About 600 apps are going delete from Google Play Store. Because, some fake adds and apps are froudly distribute loans and recovered loans from Indian poor and middle class families also harass with comments and massages. Also I getting various news in YouTube harassment to the people by some Instant loap company.
    I have already suffering with two companies, I have accidentally given transfer processing fees and also tow companies running for repayments. I like to request to Google kindly do their best as soon as possible, because in Assam has many companies distributed personal loans and recovering with high interests.
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    Lending apps have higher interest rates than a bank. This is commonly known and in any case, before taking the loan you should have read through the agreement you have signed. The interest rate and loan T&Cs would be mentioned there.
    Google won't be removing these apps since they are not doing anything wrong legally. They have flexible loan conditions and since they take a higher risk, they charge a higher interest rate.

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