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    How can block an email addresses from gmail inbox.

    Sir/Madum, Respectively I have asking that I have an gmail account in Google, all sites I have accurately activated in my account but while I trying to block an email addresses from my inbox there are not found options to block icons or botton for taps. The email is not safe for my personal images. Also I have trying to unsubscribe the email but those mail have not any option for unsubscription. So, how can blocking the email addresses.
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    You can mark them as Spam so that it will go in the Spam folder.

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    Thanksgiving to you sir, but the has again came to me or sending me, because my email address is already knowledge in their device or computers, I like to blocks those address which are disturbing again and again.

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    The mails will come but they will go to the Spam folder so you won't even notice those email. There is currently no way to block the email delivery. All you can do is mark them as Spam so they don't fill your inbox.

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    Sometimes we willingly or unwillingly subscription for financial or shopping or purchase products various companies or sending them our contacts with phone no. So, trying again contacting us easily and sometimes the poor or middle class families are purchasing loans or products but they can't repayment to the companies and the companies are froudly recovering loan with bad behaviors and harras to the customers or the peoples.
    I have already sending feedback to Google for blocking purpose but not set in Gmail Block icons, there are found and article for blocks those email address as follows: Select mail from inbox go to More and choose block and tap for block.

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    Even when you block it, the email will still come in Spam folder.

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    Add the email address in setting to spam and it will fall in spam folder always.

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