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    Discuss: What makes yahoo so popular? Because of its..

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What makes yahoo so popular? Because of its..'.
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    Hi Pamela,

    Yahoo is very popular because of the Yahoo Messenger which is used for chatting. Yahoo is very old in the field of instant messenger with yahoo messenger software. Yahoo messenger is there even before skype for PC to PC calls.

    Even if you see the prices of Yahoo Messenger and Skype, Yahoo messenger is cheaper compared to Skype. Yahoo offers better rates than Skype for local and international calls with PC to phone calls.

    Yahoo is also popular due to the yahoo mail service. I feel yahoo has become popular due to yahoo messenger only.


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    Yahoo was once popular but now the features that are brought out by the Google has taken away the popularity of yahoo. There are lots of major advantages in using yahoo services but Google has now enhanced various other features to fulfill all the basic needs so the people are not preferring yahoo and they are preferring Google instead for all its feature.

    Once the Yahoo mail services was at the peak and all the people used the mailing service of the yahoo. But after that the gmail was made great and popular. So i can always tell that the Google services are best than the yahoo services. So nothing makes yahoo popular.

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    Both Yahoo and Google are having Mail, Messenger, Voice, Video calls services. Google is having so many free services like Orkut, Blogs, Ad sense, RSS , Feeds and many more.

    Now Google voice is having free phone service in US and Canada. You need to have mobile or Land line phone to call any US and Canada number. In order to call India and other countries you need to pay for the calls. I hope soon Google voice will become popular all over the world as they are making everything free

    Using Google voice service you can call India at the rate of 0.06 cents per minute and the same service by using Yahoo is 0.079 and Calls to US and Canada is free and you can call US number.

    Try to register in Google voice and you can call the US and Canada number for free of cost and also SMS too. Soon Google voice will be free in other countries also.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Earlier yahoo dominateb the web search but with the coming of google its share in the search market went down.So far as yahoo mail is concerned it is definetly popular because of the feature of option to chat with yahoo members who are not even your friends.
    Coming to yahoo answers it is also very popular and many google search results contain the topic discussed in yahoo answers in top 10 results or first page.There are many members in yahoo answers.
    Though yahoo even today claims to have highest number of email id issued but in my opinion it cannot be estimated as people make multiple accounts.

    Krishna Verma

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