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    Freelance content writer looking for a job

    Hi, I am Fatima Zahra, 20 years old doing BS in International Relations from National Defence University, Pakistan. If you are looking to add to your roster of freelance writers and editors, please consider me for assignments in the area as I am a new entrant as a content writer to your organization. I am new here so can anyone please tell me how do i start writing and place them in market here for sell?
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    Hi Fatima,
    Welcome to Techulator. We are a Tech portal where we write articles related to Technology.
    However, we offer both cash and Google AdSense and hence we don't offer direct article selling opportunities. You can write for us directly as a freelancer if you are comfortable with Tech niche. If interested, connect with us at webmasters[at]

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    hey, webmaster.
    yes for sure. i would like to work with you for writing articles for technology.
    kindly add me in your circle!

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    Hi Fatima,
    Let's connect on email. I have given it in my previous response.

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    Okay, i have emailed you.

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    This is an old thread and webmaster has already explained the things but I am pulling it for some additional information. This site is basically for the technical matters, write ups, reviews and articles etc but this site has some other sister sites also where content on some specific matters can be submitted. If you are a content writer and have interest in those areas please feel free to visit there and contribute. Please note that points as well as sometimes cash credits are given for the quality content. Hope you would join the family of these sister sites as per your interest and liking. The details of these sites (including this one is) -

    1. - (Global) Technology, business, marketing
    2. - software development, programming, scripts
    3. - Health, medicine
    4. - (India specific) Business, Marketing, Product reviews
    5. - Kids, parenting, worksheets, drawing, colouring
    6. - Travel, tourism
    7. - Scooters, bikes
    8. - Sports
    9. - Fashion, dress
    10. - Money, finance, tax, investments, banking
    11. - Home improvement, building, constructions, interior designing

    Knowledge is power.

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    You can start writing for and
    You can gain experience in writing and earn for your content as well. Provide articles on trending topics.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Welcome, Fatima Zahra! To begin your journey of writing and selling your content, I recommend exploring popular freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. It's essential to create a compelling profile that highlights your skills, education, and expertise in International Relations. To kickstart your portfolio, consider offering introductory rates to attract clients and showcase your abilities. Actively apply for relevant gigs to establish your presence in the freelance market. Remember to engage with clients professionally and deliver high-quality work to build a positive reputation. Best of luck on your freelance writing endeavors!

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