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    New Concept in Antivirus protection

    New computer viruses are released daily that can do harm to your computer. Since Antivirus software works in a reactive position--must know about a virus before it can act--our computers are at risk. Antivirus software works off of a black-list of known viruses and since all virus starts out as an unknown there is a period of time you are unprotected.

    A new virus software will soon be unveiled that works off of a "White-List" of known good programs. It is a proactive approach to solving this problem. Look at it as an Invitation List or guess list--if your name is on the list the gatekeeper lets you in, if your name is not on the list you don't get in. It doesn't matter how many viruses are released each day they won't be on the list. Quit worrying about the UNKNOWN it won't get in.

    I"m not sure if I can discuss this product by name or the company by name so I won't. There is an oppotunity just around the corner for large profits. Anyone interested and wants more information please contact me.
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    It is interesting to know about the antivirus software which will identify the virus not based on the virus definition. It is very interesting to know that white listing. Instead of identifying the bad program we can identify the good programs and avoid the bad programs easily.

    I hope this white listing concept started in 2007. I hope still not white listing software is available. Symantec also promised to give white listing antivirus software.

    I would like to know more about the White listing antivirus please let me know more about the software.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Sure I will sign up and try to get a copy of the white-list and I try to install it soon and see how it is working.

    Thanks for the information

    I think you are the Representative of the company.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Nice to know about anti virus


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    The new anti-virus software is very close to being released for public use. It should be rolled out in less than two weeks. At that time I will be able to share a site that you can log into and view a demo of how this Supper Anti-Virus software works and evaluate it for yourself. Anyone with a back ground in computers will quickly see how lucrative a new Supper product like this can be. When the product is ready we will be looking for distributors in all countries. Please stay in-touch because as a Bronze member I can't respond directly to any member. I welcome any personal e-mail.

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    Nice to hear about this new technique.It is really good as the virus vevelaopers are getting advanced and giving new viruses the people developing antivirus should also become innovative and find out such new techniqes to handle them.
    Viruses have become so common these days that every computer must have an antivirus.I hope this new antivirus can solve the problems of computer users more effectively.
    Thanks for the information Bruce and waiting to see the antivirus as soon as possible.

    Krishna Verma

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    This new Supper Anti-Virus software is getting better all the time. It has the ability to scan from a "Black-List" of know viruses and then protect your computer using a "White-List". It cleans your computer then locks it down for protection. Since the operator has the ability to over-ride the warning we can not put a 100% guarantee on the product that you will never get a virus. You can run it in silent mode and it just blocks any unknown that tries to exicute on your computer. I should be able to release more information soon.

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    Once the product is released I will test it and let you know about the feedback of the software. It will update the new software review in MWC.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Thanks JK. I'll get with you as soon as it is released.

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    There has been a delay in the release of the new Anti-virus software but it should be released soon. The new product is called "Emmunize". The company hopes to release it by September 1st. The Company's Video used some current News Clips to help dramatize their new product and there were some copyright issues that had to be resolved. The new video should be ready for viewing next week. Anyone interested can set in on a Webinar and view a demo and discuss the product. To sign up for the webinar, which is tomorrow night August 26th, go to and click on the Register for webinar tab. You will watch the demo on your computer but for audio there is a phone number and access code to dial in. This small company is looking for customers and representatives allowing people like you and me to make hugh profits. Hope to see you there.

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    This nice to know about the new thing on antivirus.

    Best of luck

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    It is the good news that the there should be some different approach for picking up the virus and hope that we will get the this new product soon and will have some capability to remove virus from computer system.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    New Virus prevention software Launchies October 1st 2010. More information can be view at

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    New Virus Prevention software is HERE. I am very excited about the launch of this product. This product "Emmunize" works off of a "Whitelist" and stops all unknowns. Since all viruses start out as an Unknown Emmunize stops all viruses before they do harm to your computer or steal your information. Also Emmunize speeds up your computer. This product is an Internet download only and has no contract to agree to. You can try it for a very low monthly fee. There are no holes in this products security. Never get a virus again!!!

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