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    Difference between do follow and no follow?

    Hi, can anyone please explain the Difference between do follow and no follow? is it no follow links are useless?
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    Dofollow link is a way to tell the search engines that you trust the linked website. It is a stamp of reference from your website and is taken positively by search engines to rank the other website.
    Nofollow links are those where you are linking to a website you don't trust 100% and want to tell search engines that "Geez... you know, I might have linked to that website but I don't exactly trust it.". However, being a software developer myself, I am willing to take a bet that Google engineers will consider a website to be good when it has a balanced number of nofollow and dofollow links and not only a certain type of links which might actually go against Google Webmaster guideliens.

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    Thanks for informatio

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