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    Discuss: What makes INTERNET more interesting? and addictive

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What makes INTERNET more interesting? and addictive'.
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    I browse for entertainment and knowledge. I like to see comedy, Movies, live streaming cricket, Cricket scores, cooking videos and many more entertainment. Each will have their own entertainment activities.

    I learned almost all of my knowledge through internet. It is a very vast knowledge repository for everyone in the world.

    One of the important information is you can earn money from internet. One of my aim to learn and at the same time you can earn also for your knowledge what you share with others. Whatever you want to know you can get it from internet

    Nothing is free in this world. Internet is purely a entertainment media for all.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello Fashee,

    I everyday sit for 5 hours on net and then do my other stuffs on computer(windows.
    While I am on net I browse many thing.
    1. I check mails.
    2. I write blogs.
    3. browse on latest news on India as well as international too.
    4. Most of the time I spend time on "How To..." section and MWC & ISC.
    5. play games.
    6. Very little time near about 25-45 mins in social networks.
    7. Browse net for my study (MCA) materials.
    These are my daily routine on internet.

    Many people have their own needs.They might be addictive for gamin'(children and teens),social networking(orkut, facebook etc.)etc.

    Best of luck

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    The best thing in my opinion about internet i its versatality. There are nuber of things to do here as a result the user never feels bored.So far as I am concerned I use internet for
    1. Adsense.
    2.MWC and ISC.
    3.Results and job search.
    4.Searching informations on google.
    5.Chatting and social networking.

    Krishna Verma

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    Fashee thanks for this post.

    Internet is the most valuable gift to the mankind.

    Previously there was a fear factor that those having knowledge of computer and those really need some information need to browse the internet.

    Now crores of people across the globe keep glued to this amazing and knowledge ocean called internet.

    If you have time you can learn many things.

    In my opinion the internet gives us

    Knowledge of present world.

    Kept informed about latest development.

    Keep us abrest of wanted and unwanted informations.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    Internet is really a boon to all of us. We can use internet either for good or bad. I normally use internet mainly for the following reasons.

    1. Checking mails and replying
    2. Searching information related to my professional work
    3. Listening to online Radio programs especially
    4. Listen to movie songs online (
    5. Seing movies online at
    6. Knowledge sharing at MyWindowsClub website.
    7. Booking Train tickets
    8. Booking of Bus tickets
    9. Booking of hotel rooms

    this list will continue as I am using internet for many useful purposes.

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