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    Extra money credit for popular resources

    One of my recent articles has been gaining a lot of views, about 1500+ views. I know that you guys give money credit for ask expert questions that pass 1000 views, so I am just requesting, please give me some extra money credit for this article: , I had to spend a lot of time with this article, and now it is one of the most popular article in techulator in recent times. I am not getting any money from AdSense, so the total amount I got for that article is just Rs130, if I has published it in my site with my AdSense code all over the page, I would have earned a decent amount of money. I hope you guys will compensate it for me.
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    That is a very unreasonable request. You have earned a lot of Techulator by way of your articles. Did all of those articles fetch traffic? They didn't but still, Techulator paid for each of your articles. Going by your logic, the articles which didn't fetch traffic should have cash award deducted from them.

    In each article, 1 of the ad code at the top hosts Techulator's publisher ID and the rest of the ads have your AdSense publisher ID. If you haven't earned much from the traffic, so hasn't Techulator. I hope that sounds reasonable.

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    Dear Deepak, as a content creator myself and having hosted many sites of my own which had millions of unique visitors daily, I've ample experience on how things work on this domain. Every content created by you gives you some reward. Based on the policy of this site, you get paid some cash credit and revenue share. But this is not limited to monetary benefits only. You get a good experience on which article was able to draw more visitors, what type of content delivered a good bounce rate etc.

    Even if the site administrator decided to give you extra cash credits, it would be still nominal and will not make any difference to the earning potential you carry from your content creation. Moreover, Techulator has been paying decent in comparison to other sister sites.

    Therefore, it is my opinion rather than a bit of advice that you focus on making good strategies on your upcoming resources taking into the reference of all your well-performing articles.

    And lastly, your articles are great and informative. You were able to reach out to readers so well. Isn't that great? At least, I think so. Keep up the good work irrespective of how low or high you have been earning and you will be rewarded for your performance before you can realise when it is due.

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    Hello all,

    As you all know, AdSense is no longer a very attractive earning source on the web. From the entire site, we hardly make enough money to pay members/editors. Other expenses like hosting, domain, maintenance, development etc are there, for which we do find income from other sources. I hope you can understand the situation.

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    Hi everyone.
    I am really glad to see so many responses in so little time, and I am happy to see an active forum. Webmaster your point really made me realize that Techulator has been paying me more than what I ever deserved and it was so wrong to ask for more just because 1 article was getting more views. For one moment when I saw that number of views, instead of being glad that many read my article I became a bit greedy and forgot about how generous techulator has been to me, So I apologize from the bottom of my heart for this unprofessional mistake.

    Konwar, you make a really good point, Techulator has offered me the service to post my articles and track how it is doing in the real world and modify my upcoming articles based on the data of the previous resources. Blogging is my passion, so what Techulator is providing me with is much more than what money can provide, for once I allowed my greed to get above my passion, and I am really sorry for that. I am sure that this mistake will help me become a better blogger in the future.

    Tony Sir, Its always great to see you in forums, and thank you for replying to my thread. So you are saying Techulator is actually earning very less because Adsense is our only source of revenue, and its income is just too low, right? I never knew this, I always thought that Techulator was really profitable because there are many users in this site and everyone is shown ads so I thought Techulator was earning a lot of money. But when I think about it, all the users are here to create/edit their posts, read other data and stuff and will never be interested to click the ads, and since Adsense is a click-based revenue platform, it is logical that Techulator isn't earning enough. I have an opinion on this matter, I know Techulator has many users and Techulator and other sister sites like ISC are also built on the same framework of a theme to make it easier for the users to use the website. For ISC which is an immensely popular website with tons of genuine users, it is good to have his framework, but for techulator, the format has to be changed. People come to Tech sites to find a solution for a tech problem or read about the latest tech news or some list posts etc. They don't want to see how much its authors make etc., and another huge problem is that since registration for Techulator is an open service for others to publish articles, most of the new users are spam users, trying to promote their services with no view of increasing Techulator's reputation. In my opinion, the administrator of this website along with you Tony sir should select out good members who are ready to work for Techulator passionately, (like Konwar and Ankit are highly consistent in articles) and hire them to work for Techulator and try to increase the brand reputation of techulator, by improving social media presence and resuming the youtube channel and assigning a specific team to do Youtube, another team for social media etc.

    I know what I am saying is a really hefty process, and you have your digital marketing company SpiderWorks to maintain. All I am asking is to give some time to think about this. Thank you.

    Deepak Mathews Koshy

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