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    Check my blog for review

    Hi Sir,

    Iam an admin of SarkariNaukri2019 ( My site is Government Jobs search site. I started this blog 2 months age. But till now I not get enough traffic for my site.

    My main question is why my site not listed for the keyword "sarkari naukri 2019" in google search results.
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    Hi Joseph,
    2 months is an extremely short period to get your blog listed in search engines.
    It takes minimum of 6 months of regular posting to start seeing your articles in search results.
    You also need to go for some promotion of your blog by way of sharing your links on other websites inside articles.

    These may sound like difficult tasks, but the field of blogging is cut throat competitive and you need to invest a lot of time and some money to earn profit from it.

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    Hi Joseph,
    Congrats for your new blog. Its good to start such a nice blog which is important for everyone who is preparing for govt jobs. In 2months expecting a good number of views is not good. You need to post about your blog on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Even Whatsapp is a good source of rotating info. Post the link of your blog and ask your friends to make it circulate. Its nothing wrong to ask your friends to share. But you need to post a good amount of posts and should be posted on time because most of the govt jobs should be posted as early as possible. so that the viewer can have enough time to apply for that job.

    Post your content atleast twice a week. Keep your subscribers updated. Email them and inform about the new posts. dont be in a hurry to earn money through adsense. Even I run a blog and you can contact me to share tips and tricks.

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    It is good that you have made a very interesting and contemporary blog and it would be helpful to many but the fact of life is that there are a large number of sites and blog available in the internet and until unless your blog has something unique or presented in a crisp and newer way it is difficult to attract the traffic. We all are making blogs and contributing in it time to time but facing the same problem of low traffic. As Ankit has very rightly pointed out that we are today in a cut throat competitive world and more and more efforts would be required for success. One can try social networks to invite friends and other people to the site and if that works then we can expect a small chain reaction to start from those clicks. I did it with one of my articles in a site and the traffic rose significantly but alas, it came down after 2 days to the same low value. So getting a sustained traffic is the challenge today even for the established sites what to say about our own blogs. Anyway my intention is not to discourage and we have to continue our good work in this ocean of internet.
    Knowledge is power.

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