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    What is the meaning of Google?

    What is the meaning of Google?
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    Dear Brajamohan,

    The Synonyms of word Google is Research, Search & Explore. Before your question I never think about meaning of word Google. Thanks for focusing on good topic.

    with best regards

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    Dear Brajamohan,

    Google is a Search Engine; i think don't have meaning of word Google



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    Hello Brajamohan,

    Google is public internet search engine like Google chrome. It does advertising like Google Adsense, Google AdWord etc and provides many other services like email that is gmail, social network that is orkut, software that is picasa(paint)and many more.

    Best of luck

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    Hello Brajamohan panda,
    It is a common fact that, many users are unaware of the meaning of Google. Actually Google is the name given to a big number like we call 1000000 as Million. The exact value of Google is 1 followed by 100 zeros. That is 1 Google= 10x10^99 or 10^100. Hope this will make an "Ooh" feeling in many of your minds.

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    Hi Brajamohan panda,

    Before answering your question I want to ask you one more question, What is the meaning of Yahoo?

    As I know Google is a search engine, and google Co. provids many other services Gmail, Orkut, Adsense, News, amd mmany more...

    Mehmood Sultan

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    Hi everybody for participation this forum.

    Every word has specific meaning,so when founder of Google choose "Google" word for his search engine.why they choose this word?

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    Google is one of the search engines.


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    Google inc is a company based in California USA

    The companies major attraction is its search engine, adsense revenue sharing,pay per click adds etc, blog sites book marking social networking through orkut all are from Google inc

    In March 1999, the company moved its offices to Palo alto California.
    selling keyword advertising was first pioneered by
    Google hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products apart from search engines services

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    Google is search engine. Googol is a large number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Googol doesn't signify anything in mathematics, but when comparing with other higher number we can use Googol. It is a factorial of 70.

    Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin misspelling the word Googol as Google and they named it as Google for their company.


    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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