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    Is content filtering and ad blocking is the same thing?


    I was researching on content filtering and I came across this page in which they have explained the topic really good, but in the end they also discussed about ad blocking, whereas other publishers didn't talk about this.

    This point is good for my research as I have a unique point of discussion here.

    Need your views on it
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    if you have some other resources, please do share

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    Content filtering is a technique by which you can get the desired information while rejecting the garbage. One has to use proper key words and search criterion for this.

    Good content filtering is not only provides the precise data but also saves valuable time.

    Ad blocking is entirely a different matter as it deals with the removal of disturbing ads from the screen. For this the source of add is to be disabled in a site. This aspect is commercial in nature as blocking the ads has connection with reduced revenue to the hosting site.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ad blocking or ad filtering is the ability of software to block or alter online advertisements in web browsers, applications or networks.

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