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    How to increase members and activities in techulator

    I joined this site about an year back. It is a very interesting site for computer professionals, IT persons, technical people etc.

    I have observed that inspite of its inherent strength, it is not able to attract many new members and even the existing members are not able to contribute much.

    Can we ask the webmaster to consider the possibility to add some sciece knowledge sections or college science related queries so that more students and young people are attracted to it. The experienced members can give their opinion on this.
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    Hi Umesh,
    Thanks for your suggestion. We are already open to science and technology education articles. Have a look at this:
    Trending Front-End JavaScript Frameworks Moving Into 2019
    We also have a Microsoft certification practice test section. The one probable reason for reduced member count is that now it is too difficult to earn like it was a few years back. It was earlier to get AdSense account and earn from it. Now even if you have AdSense, earnings are not easy to get.

    College students are of course most welcome to come and post their queries and articles here. We already have a General section in both Ask Experts and Article section and we can add more if there is sufficient demand.

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    Webmaster is very correct about reduced Adsense earnings and it might have discouraged some members. But still this websites pays in cash as well. I think there is lot of scope for growth especially among college students with right promotion.

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