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    Inactive Ask Expert section

    Coming back to the site again I noticed that the site is not having a good number of active users nowadays. The site is really going through its bad time, no matter what the reason is but can we again make the site active and encourage others? I got an idea to do so in the Ask Expert section. I have seen that there are not good number of questions coming up to answer for the members. One needs to post good number of questions/queries so that some other member or expert can be able to answer based on his/her interest. What if the Webmaster or the editors itself post questions timely based on trending technical topics? I think it can be a good idea to encourage members and for a good comeback of the site, what do you say?
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    It is true that there are few questions coming up in the Ask Expert section. When there is a good number of questions then only the members get interested to participate as they can select the questions of their interest.

    I feel it is the number which we are missing rather than the quality.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I totally agree with you Umesh, how is my idea of suggesting Webmaster and editors to post interesting and good number of questions in the Ask Expert section timely on their own?

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    It is a nice idea. I will try to post some questions myself.

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    I agree with you Aman. If you observe, you would find many questions already in the list that are posted by us editors, including myself.
    Personally speaking, whenever I face a technical issue, I prefer to ask Techulator before anybody else. I think all of us do the same here.
    But I must add that Techulator is a site that encourages genuine concerns and not purposefully created ones. There lies the difference where awards are open but not everytime people are there to receive them. At the same time you can see that the answers are suggestive of the technical expertise our editors and members have. In this site quality gets preference over quantity and that is surely we should be proud of.
    Though that might appear to some, as a sign of inactivity, I take it as a sign of ingenuity of the site.
    However we hope to see a couple of questions and answers from members like you in this section post this discussion. In every sense we all wish to see Techulator buzzing with activity once again.

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    May be the members are not aware of the advantages. Like they get 100 cash once the question reaches 1000 views. This can be added on top of that section to encourage users to post questions.
    Krishna Verma

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