What is required to pursue a career in Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has become one of the lucrative career options today. I see many advertisements on courses conducted on this field. It is one of the career options that even extend opportunities for budding writers to make an earning through them. While it might seem difficult for the budding writers to find a constant flow of opportunities to get paid for their writing abilities, it can be done with the help of the content marketeers. I have even heard people switching their regular jobs to content marketing that proves that a career in content marketing is quite sustainable.
But even with all these overall information, I couldn't gather a complete idea on how it all goes, what kind of work a content marketeer needs to do, what skill do they need, what basic educational qualification is a must, and so on.
From a layman's point of view, I think, it is one of the decent ways of earning that can make the most from the digital world. I am curious to know, what it takes to become a content marketeer. If it can be done from home, and how to go about it.
I request all the experts here to join this conversation and share their knowledge on this.