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    Introducing myself, Priyam Lahon

    Hi, my name is Priyam Lahon. I hold a Master of Business Administration from Punjab Technical University, specializing in Finance. Currently, I am a freelance ghostwriter and a social media manager. Hoping to work with you all.
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    Hi Priyam,
    Welcome to Techulator, a technology blog run by volunteers like me. Would love to see your first work here. You can get started by posting an article at: Submit Article

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    Hi Ankit. Thanks for welcoming me. Well, regarding my first work, I have already added one article here, in the 'Blogging' section yesterday. Let's see how it pans out. Cheers!!

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    Hi Priyam,
    Welcome to Techulator. Please note that we only accept original articles. The article you have posted is copied from somewhere else and such articles are not allowed at all.

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    I have written this article on a different site, but since it was rejected here, then that means, I have to remove it from that other site. Will that be the correct decision ? Please clarify.

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    Since you have written it on another website, you can't submit it here. If you want to submit it here, you need to remove it from the other website. Also, I will request you to wait for a few days if you delete it from the other website before submitting it here again since we would prefer it to be removed from the Google index before it is indexed here.

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    Okay, got it. Thanks.

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    Hello, Priyam Lahon
    Welcome to the Techulator. You can start contributing to this site by first reviewing the rules and guidelines before writing any article.

    If you have any query or question, you can raise a thread in forum section to discuss it with other members and editors/web-masters.
    Best of luck.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Thanks Paresh for your warm welcoming words. Glad to be a member here at Techulator.


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