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    Is Techulator Still Active as Before?

    Hey there to all the webmasters. Just wanted to ask a Simple Question - Is Techulator still Active as Before? Previously we used to see raging competition on Techulator for being Member of Week or Member of Month but now there are only few contributors. I would love to hear responses of administrators.
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    Hi Joy,
    As you can see, Techulator is obviously not active as before. I am not sure of the reason for most of the members but probably you can share your reason for not being active?

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    Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for replying. My one and only reason for being inactive on Techulator was less pay. You can't ensure that you are going to get a good salary at least 7-8 Thousands per month. So I opted for other means and earning a great passive income, but I love to write telling the truth and would love to get something in return for my efforts.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    Hi Joy,
    I agree with your statement completely. For most of us, money is the primary motivator. The cash you get here or at any sister site is obviously very less compared to what you will get if you do freelancing. But there is a difference writing here and at other places that you also get AdSense revenue share. So basically if our AdSense earnings don't help us achieve the target figure we have aimed for then there is nothing to hold us here.
    This is the reason why all spider sites except ISC are in an inactive state. ISC too runs because of its old members for whom money is not the motivator but rather they are hooked on the social interactions they get through Forum and obviously due to the larger range of topics that they can write on.
    I would take a rough guess that your passive income is through freelancing only and not through some blog you are running.

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    I was absent to this site for a long time because of my study. The second reason, I wanted to try my luck for blogging with my own blog. Being a non-IT background, It is difficult to update the site with latest SEO changes and algorithm changes by Google. The positive thing I have observed regarding AdSense earnings that I am getting least page views from Techulator (because of absence at TEC) but earning is maximum amongst my other blogs. This is because of high CPC from my Techulator articles. Now, I will too contribute more to this site.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    In my opinion, this is a highly technical site and if you want to excel here it requires a good computer background. The generalists don't seem to be much successful here.

    Still I like this site as it contains valuable and authentic information on gadgets, apps, technical things and new introductions in market.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As per my opinion, the website is still active but the participation of the members are very less due to their own reasons. It could be personal one, or busy with different assignment, or revenue issues and on.

    Most of them were / are part/full time employed, students, self-employed, businessman etc., so, priority changes time to time for contribution.


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