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    Didn't recieve my payment although it has been issued on site


    It's been a week since payment from Techulator has been issued to me and on the same day itself I had submitted the payment sheet with all the details including banking details. Untill now there hasn't been any updation with my payment. First of all there is a tremendous lag in issuing the monthly salary, on top of that it's taking another week delay with no confirmation regarding the payment. Sadly, for this reason alone I'm becoming less active in the site since my motive has gone down. Please clear this issue fast and also please specify the reason behind this delay that's frustrating valuable members of this site!
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    You are an old member of this site and you know very well that Techulator has always made payments to its members without fail. It might be delayed by a few weeks but it always comes.
    Though you complain about the delay is valid, there is no reason not to keep contributing because the end loss is yours only since you are the one missing out on the weekly and monthly awards due to no activity.

    Also, you should not use the term "salary" to describe Techulator payments.

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    Payments for the month are usually announced by the mid of the subsequent month. Once the invoice is submitted it may take 1~2 weeks to process the payment, but in most cases, they are processed within a week. Being the end of the financial year, we have a lot of financial matters to conclude and hence the delay this time.

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