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    Please review my first article on Techulator.

    Hello All,

    I would request members and editors to have a glance to this article. This is first article I have written in Techulator. Please give suggestion and feedback which will help me in the content writing field.
    Samsung smartphones
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    This article belongs to the Product section and not the Article section. If it was a comparison between the two smartphones or between its earlier version and this version, then you can publish it in Article section.

    Since you are back after a long time, I suggest you to avoid writing articles which just mention specifications of a product and don't give any more depth. These type of articles don't fetch any traffic neither add any quality. "Top 10/5 of something", "How to troubleshoot/install" or a detailed review of a product/software that you actually use and can give authentic observations are what we are looking for. Basically, add your inputs and observations and not create an article with just specifications of a product.

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    The reason which you mentioned after rejecting the article was that:- "due to poor quality content" . Is it so? I think it was written with proper grammar and good English. I also put a lot of effort to write that article. Now it seems my all efforts was in vain.

    One more suggestion, I think there should be a sticked Forum thread for the same where you can let us know what is your requirements for different sections. That way it would be easy in every way possible.

    That's all I had to say. Thanks

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    Please go to the rejected article again. The rejected red banner has a section "Reason" which mentions the reason for rejection. Here is what is written there:
    Reason: Submit this in the Product section. Please check and make sure that it is not pre-existing there

    It is not necessary that all our hard work brings us results. You can use the article to make a submission to the Product section so that your efforts are salvaged.
    Discouraging our authors is the last thing we want but to maintain quality we do need to make sure that the content submitted is good for the site in long term. It is difficult to list all such filters in one thread and that is why we have to deal case by case basis. Most of our authors go through this initial learning curve and rarely are their articles rejected later.

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