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    Error: Point is 90 but cash only 60 in resource section

    Respected editors,

    I know how techulator works and I have contributed many articles too. According to me I believe that in resource section for articles if we get a specific point then the money for it will be equal to same as that of points, doesn't it?

    Today for one of my lengthy article, I received 90 points which is lower than what I expected, however instead of recieving 90Rs, I got only 60Rs. Why is it so? Is it some kind of error? Or is there anything I need to know about? The link for that article is attached below. Kindly look into it and do the necessary action.
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    Hi Abdul,
    Nice to see you back!
    It is Rs.50, not Rs.60. It is less than points because the life of the article is short, only a few months.
    Earlier too we were giving words/10 rounded off to the smaller digit points.
    Let me know if you still have any doubts.

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