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    Regarding reward for ask expert question getting 1000 views

    I remember there was a reward for ask expert question getting 1000 views. Has it been continued ? If now how to check stats for questions I asked ? Can not see any such option.
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    Hi Shail,
    When you open your Ask Expert question, under your profile name there will be details of points and cash given to the question. Just a little below that there is a link "Check Traffic" which you can use to check the traffic that question has received in the last year or lifetime.

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    Thanks for response Ankit. I do not see any such option. See attached file:

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    Can you please check if you see the "Check Traffic" link on the leftbar below your name in the main thread?

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    Tony John: Are you asking for this thread ? I cannot see any such option. Adding image

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    Clicking that arrow also has no use:
    Looks like there are more bugs. The delete attachment option is not working as well.

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    Hi Shail,
    I can see the Check Traffic link now, you should be able to see the same too.
    Tony is talking about Ask Experts, not the Forum.
    Delete Attachment link is for Editors, the bug is that it is visible to normal members too.

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