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    Are you creative in online?

    Everyone nowadays spends some time in internet. Some people surf just like that to see what is where, some read online while some pass time in social media like twitter, facebook, WhatsApp etc.

    There are some people who pass their time in creative sites like creating their own blogs in blogsites, answering questions, submitting articles and discussing technical issues.

    What is your favourite and what do you think is the best way to pass time in internet?
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    During weekdays is it mostly news websites that I spend my time on. Facebook is always an addiction which I end up spending more time than I want to.
    This is one of the reasons why I miss my old days when the internet connection was not so good and it was difficult to spend much time of Facebook or Youtube since loading anything took too much time and mobile data too was costly.
    Now, however, my broadband plan is unlimited and is so cheap that I don't even think about the consumption.

    I try to take out time specifically for studying more about the technologies in my professional field and of course for blogging. Except that I also use the internet to regularly play one of the online multiplayer games that I enjoy quite a lot.

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    I am a Facebook addict too. Apart from that, I do keep reading interesting blogs, participate in knowledge quiz and follow the areas of my interest. Today, Google has become the best friend of all. I spend quite a good amount of time asking google regarding the questions I have in my mind on that day.
    Recently, I am trying to get a comprehensive idea about blogging, content marketing and how things are working in this field.
    The next favourite thing is Youtube of course, I try to catch up with the movies I missed, watch some DIY stuff.
    Songs are there too. I keep downloading my favourite songs.
    In between I keep looking at our site Techulator, to see if some interesting topic like this is being discussed.

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