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    Main Menu in the Menu bar of the Techulator site is not visible

    Hi All,
    Are you all able to see the Main Menu tabs in this site, like Forum, Articles, Members etc on the main menu bar on the main page? I was able to see them just an hour back, but suddenly all disappeared just after I signed in.
    My personal menu is visible in two places. One, on the regular top right and the other in the main menu bar, where generally we see other menu tabs.
    I tried to reload the site a number of times, but it is still the same.
    If you are facing the same issue, please comment here and let our webmasters know about the issue.
  • #25554
    I can see the Menu bar while I am logged in and even when I am logged out.

  • #25555
    The menu bar is showing only my name with a drop down menu with my personal options when I am logged in. The menu bar is showing login and register when logged out.
    Same with the mobile site.
    The general menu is accessible from a small box like icon next to the drop down menu on the top right.

  • #25557
    Well, it is working fine for me. Maybe you need to clear cache for your browser. Some bug might have affected the site and it might have stayed on. Check on another browser if the issue gets resolved. The menu bar is showing up without any issues for me.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    For me it is the same till now in both the desktop and mobile versions. I have tried clearing my cache, nothing is working.

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    Did you try any other browser on your laptop? You may check it on Internet Explorer or Edge browser if you have one. Or try Mozilla Firefox as well. If the issue is not solved on your default browser, you may attempt uninstalling and reinstalling it.
    Live....and Let Live!

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