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    Please allow me to post in the Product section again

    This is my request to the webmaster to please allow me to post in the Product section again. I don't know why my posting rights have been removed. I promise I will post quality content there and I please you to give me rights to post again.
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    Hi Aman,
    Your permission for posting in the Product Review section is temporarily withdrawn, as you were not following the guidelines of this site.
    You have been submitting incomplete posts in numbers. Till now such posts of your's were initially sent to pending status and you were given the reasons. Even then you didn't listen.
    Then those posts were deleted and with every deletion you were told not to submit incomplete posts. Even then, you didn't change your ways.
    So, ultimately we had to restrict you from this section.
    Techulator is a site where you get a golden chance to learn and polish your skills. You would have earned lot more, had you not played such tricks.
    Anyhow, you are still eligible to post in other sections. You can still learn and earn from this site.
    I hope you realize your mistake by now and won't repeat the same in future.

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    Firstly, I was never given any reason for deleting my posts or making it in the Pending status though I realised it would have been done so because of incomplete post and then I complete them in few days and repost them for checking. The editors could just make my post in the Pending status because of incomplete details but restricting me from the section is not a wise action according to me. I promise I will not do this in future so please grant me access to post in that section.

    How long I would be not able to post in that section ? Moreover, I have seen a couple of posts in the product section with incomplete details though I don't remember clearly but I guess they were approved without complete details so is this site always so strict for only me ? I wish to post in that section very soon so I request the webmaster to please grant me access.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    As an old member of Techulator, you must be aware, that there is always an editor's note tagged with every pending status and deletion. The system is such that a post cannot be sent to pending status or be deleted without showing a reason.
    But even if we believe that the reasons shown by the editors were not visible, you yourself are saying, you guessed it, right?
    Then why did you repeat it?
    Was that a wise action from your part?
    Doesn't it show, that it was intentional? Even then Techulator has not blocked your access from all sections, which any other site would have done.

    Moreover, Product Review Section is a special permission section, where only responsible members are granted access. You didn't qualify yourself to be one.
    So, the authority of this site has every right to restrict the permission.
    Lastly, you said you have seen a couple of incomplete product reviews on the site, but "cannot remember". You need to give us those URL s so that the webmasters and editors can take action on it.
    Techulator is equal to all. Today if I choose to do something similar as you have done, Techulator will take the same action.

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    Firstly I repeated those words because you blamed for that reason. Second the URL I found for the post without description is

    Moreover, I accept my mistake, but is it a big issue to make my post in the pending status and just because of this restricting me from that particular section I guess the editors are working to review our posts so what if my posts were made in pending status I would have edited them in few days.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Sorry to state this Mr Aman, but it appears as if you are still in awe of me on the site. That is something proved because you have intentionally picked one of my posts in the section - and that too a post from 2015. I was a new member back then. Can you show the similar behavior in my post in the later date? You cannot compre the post with your behavior as the posts that have been taken action on are from 2017 - which marks your two years with the site. However, good to know that I am still not forgotten even with practically zero contribution for the last couple of months.

    Now, coming to the point, you have been into what Anwesha stated since quite long. I, myself have sent a few of your posts to the pending status in the past and have given the valid reasons. Doing it intentionally and by mistake are two entirely different ball games. A few of your posts are sent to pending status in May, 2017 and were lying in that state until December, 2017 before being deleted. What does this indicate?

    And yes, a spate of your latest submissions in the product section ( that have been deleted) begin with the sentence "Are you looking for OnePlus 5? Read details, specification, features and reviews of OnePlus 5 smartphone just released in the market. This is one of the best premium smartphones currently available." All of them same with just a change in the name of the gadget! Accept that you are into tricks, and that is why you have been restricted from posting in the section. Contribute in the other sections and prove that you are capable. Maybe the admins can then take a call on whether allow you to post in the product review section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Aman, your words show the attitude that you are still not feeling guilty about what you were doing.
    That indicates your chances of repeating the same once given the permission.
    I don't think any Webmaster or Editor would like to waste their time and effort on some intentional tricks specially played for some unethical reasons.
    Hence I am not seeing any reason you can be granted permission for the product review section.
    Still we can wait for the opinion of Tony Sir and other webmasters on this.

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    If the policy of the content updation is voilated by the writer, then the respective webmasters or web authorities have rights to take actions against the writer to restrict his posting rights. Writer can ask for the reason of restricting his postings rights. Once it is proved the policy voilated, writer should accept whatever action taken by the webmasters.

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