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    Can't add images in the Product reviews

    This is about the "Product section" that I'm not able to add any image in my product reviews. Is it happening only with me or someone else is also getting into the same problem? This is what I'm getting when I try to attach images in my product reviews:

    An error occurred.

    An error occurred. Code: 13cd28ae-1725-4125-8df2-1d9d8bcd25b3
    Please try to access the feature again by pressing the back button on the browser.

    Error information has been sent to the team.

    If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to write to Contact Us. We like to hear from you.

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    1. It could be a size issue. Are the images too large? Open them in 'Paint' and resize them, making them smaller.
    2. Also, ensure that the images are of type .jpg or .png.

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    Follow the policy of image uploading on website while posting. There are always limitations for size and file format of images for uploading online. User should check it before uploading online.

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