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    Startup query regarding desktop publishing

    Sir I have done DTP ( desktop publishing ) course of one year and with that I have done 2 years of job in that field but the salary are not to good, so I want to start a small scale enterprises in the respective field; can you guide me what type of enterprises can start with that skill and the level of market scope and how much investment required thank you.
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    For the time being, you can start even working from home, if you can set up a small sitting area with your computer and accessories, and can deliver work online. To get the job, you can try the freelancing sites. Check out on your primary assets, like a computer that is good for this job, do invest in good DTP software like QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, Calamus, Corel Ventura, Microsoft Publisher, PagePlus. Ensure a highspeed yet economical internet connection and a good printer with scanner, as you need to check out the output quite often.
    If you own a shop, you can register your business as one DTP centre, further, you can make arrangements for attending the customers, placing your computer and accessories.
    Try to build up a good network of local printers and publishers, to give your business a complete roundup.
    Try both online and offline customers. Once you start getting orders, depending on the demand, you can go ahead with employing a couple of helping hands, later on. But I would suggest, to start off as a freelancer, without going in for much investment right at the moment. Once you are capable of creating a stable clientele, you can slowly build up your business with proper investment.

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    I have registered on many freelance site like fiverr, ets but their is a tough competition for up comers, could you please suggest me some online jobwork and how can build a network with publishers and all that.

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    Try Social media instead.
    Have you joined any Facebook Group? In Facebook, you would find groups for almost every kind of profession you can imagine. Search for DTP. You would definitely find a number of groups there. Join as many as possible. Reply to the posts where people are looking for work to be done. You can post your own business in a short detail. First, keep your rates low. Once you start getting assignments, you can increase it further.
    Same on Linked In.
    The other good option is creating a website for your enterprise. Build it up with payment gateways. Make a place to show up your skills, products, packages and services. Add buttons for clients to place an order. Then share your website with as many places as you can. You can even choose to advertise on Google AdWords and other places at some fee. At the same time, you can even earn a small amount through Google AdSense.
    You can even contact the publishing houses and ask if there is any chance for you to deliver. Try to add a few more related services, so that people get to see some more benefits from your enterprise.
    Hope this would work. Wish you all the good luck. Feel free to ask questions whatever crosses your mind. You can post your queries in the Ask Expert section too. That way, you would get a small token of cash credit as well.

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