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    How To start working On Techulator? #Help #guide

    Can someone clearly tell me how to work on, like what are the things I need to do and how to start as a new member and other stuff. I need a guide
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    Welcome Sandip, to our site Techulator. Here you can start contributing in various ways and earn a few bucks that would boost up the creative side of yours.
    In Techulator, you can post Articles, Ask technical Questions and Answer Technical Queries, write Product Reviews, participate in the Contests that are held time to time and join as well as create Forum Discussion based on technological topics, and trending issues related to technology.
    For each post, you earn Points and Cash Credit that would keep accumulating in your account. The higher points you earn, your membership level increases with more facilities. The more you contribute, your cash credit increases and you become eligible to win the monthly awards announced by the site.
    The amount of contribution and the quality of posts go hand in hand to help you receive the benefits of this site.
    To earn from Techulator, you need to deliver plagiarism free, original and unique content before submitting any of them. Copied content would lead towards deletion of your posts.
    Go through the guidelines of the type of posts you are submitting.
    Techulator is a highly moderated site that would edit and review each of your posts before approval. This may take some time, and you have to hold on your patience. Finally, when you reach Rs.1000 cash credit, in your account, you would be eligible for a payment announcement that is done once in a month. The payment would be done through NEFT. You have to submit an invoice to receive the Payment. You can download the invoice format from : here
    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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