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    How it works when we type

    When we type the word if we got the hints then it's searching is fast but when it didn't show it take little bit of time to show result .So type appropriate and matching word to get fast answer.
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    When we type in a browser the suggestions we get are based on the popularity of the word. So if a word is popular in one region , it may or may not be popular in other region. By popular I mean many people has already searched that keyword.Google is using its algorithm for getting the suggestions about any word popular in a particular region.

    Now Google is ranking the websites based on the site speed as well. So, if a website's loading speed is fast then it will come first in suggestion's list.

    So when you search for anything and you are getting many suggestions then it means that people have already searched for that and Google will suggest the fast loading website first.

    This is the reason why the search results time varies.

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