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    Microsoft Edge Now Available for iOS and Android - Will that make any difference?

    Microsoft has announced just a couple of days ago that its in house browser - Microsoft Edge will now be available for iOS and Android platforms. Will it make any difference for the general user?
    As for me, I have upgraded to Windows 10 just a few months ago. HoI have never used Edge except for checking it out during the initial days. Frankly speaking, It did not interest me much. Agreed - it has grown better than what we used to feel with its predecessor Internet Explorer. However, having been used to the fast and convenient world of Google Chrome and Firefox, I do not think it is attractive enough for the end user.

    What would our Techies think about this decision? Will it be a successful venture for Microsoft? Or will it die a slow death as was in the case of Edge for Mac?
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    There was a time when windows and ios ruled separately in their terrains and it was difficult to use their application with each other. This was ok till markets were not so competitive.

    With time there was a fear that the stronger one will eat away others market share and then they started to devise ways to use each other's applications if not all but a select few. This was a welcome move as for the user it is absolutely a useful thing to have that type of vesatility.

    Now portability of Edge in iOS is also an attempt in that direction and it could prove a popular app there though actual progress will be known only with time.

    Knowledge is power.

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