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    How safe it is to keep data in cloud servers?

    Internet is a place of great knowledge and information ready at our enquiring it. The big sites are coming up with giant storage systems and many are offering free to users to store their voluminous data.

    Some of them are claiming encrypted and other higher order security of data and charging for such storage. The attraction is you can have your files etc available on the go. Seems very convenient to high end users and naturally these storage systems are gaining popularity.

    Though fool proof systems are being claimed at the same time there are equal brains working at destructive side to break all codes and securities and take away the valuable and vulnerable information.

    What do you opine about the security of storage systems? How safe they are?
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    Indeed Internet is knowledge warehouse. However,with lot of its benefits comes some risks as well. Nothing is hundred percent risk free. But if we take few precautionary actions it can act as a measure to security threats.

    Regarding the security of storage systems, it totally depends on the company maintaining it. There are
    few ways in which data can be secured like if a person is encrypting his/her data while transferring it then data theft probability is minimized or if you are using password for data safety then keep the password strong enough.

    There are always some uncertainty associated with the safety of data on clouds which can surely be minimized. And as the cloud storage gives many advantages like accessing the data from anytime and anywhere as well as the availability of data in case of any disaster. So, it's worth it even there is some risk associated with it as something is better than nothing in case of data availability.

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    Well, opting for the cloud services that are from reliable sources would be the best option to protect your data from being compromised. However, some of the precautions can be summed up as
    • Do not keep your sensitive data on the cloud. Make it a point to encrypt the data in a manual way if you do not have any other option than storing it online. Do check alternatives if you can.
    • Go through the terms and conditions of the cloud service that you have chosen. There may be some conditions in fine print that may not be favorable to you.
    • Use stronger passwords for your cloud services. Go for a longer word that may not be easy to guess or decipher. Use a password or even a folder name that will not give itself away from any info of what is contained in the folder or file.
    • Opt for an encrypted cloud service to store your data. There are several cloud services that offer you encryption for any data saved on it.
    Those are some precautionary measures you can adopt so that you do not find your sensitive data stored on the cloud services being compromised.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    keeping your data in cloud server is good option as compare to saving it on USB, external hard drive etc, because external media could corrupt or damaged, but reliable cloud servers like Dropbox and google drive are better option because they are maintained by multi-billionaire companies.

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    Cloud storage is designed from the ground up for maximum data security. When you store data in the cloud, your files are encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. Your data is also stored redundantly to ensure that a copy will survive any catastrophe.

    Hope You Find This Useful,

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    Peter, if data is encrypted and stored safely and securely then only the cloud option is good one. Thanks.
    Knowledge is power.

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