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    Member of the Week Award 28th Aug to 3rd Sep 2017

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Week and our usual awarding system in Techulator, we are announcing the winner of the MOW for 28th Aug to 3rd Sep 2017, this week award goes to Anwesha for an outstanding contribution.

    Congratulations to Anwesha for MOW awards and best of luck members for the next time!.

    Note: No one qualified MOW for two weeks viz. 14-20 & 21-27 Aug 2017.

    Thanks to all members and participants.
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    Congrats! Anwesha, you nailed it again. You deserve it for your valuable contributions. Your contributions are clearly visible in all the major sections. Keep up the tempo and zeal and keep contributing.

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    Thanks Hafeez for the announcement.
    Thank you Gaurav for those inspiring words. It was just a coincidence that I could gather time for Techulator only for that particular week, when others were busy otherwise.

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    Congratulations yet again, Anwesha. You have done it again. You have indeed been proving yourself to be one of the huge assets for the site. I have always wanted to see this happen and am glad that you have been winning consistent awards.

    Keep up the good work and nail more such awards in the days ahead.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks a lot, Timmappa for the moral support you have been providing me as always. But you must have guessed, by now, that it was simply the inactivity of members like you that led these awards towards me. This time we have a few new members who are contributing real quality stuff to this site, so I hope to see their names listed soon.
    Awaiting your comeback at the same time.

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