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    Blind race for latest gadgets

    Today companies are aggresively introducing new versions of their gadgets in the market to gain a competitive edge for their products. By the time a customer is set with one gadget the new version is introduced. There is a natural tendency to get lured towards the latest version as they will have some new feature or some bug removed or better appearance or new software with new abilities and many things like that.

    In such a scenario the user is a bit baffled with this deluge of gadgets and is in a state of confusion. In my opinion one should not be perturbed with this and be with his old gadget for quite some time and then only decide to go ahead with a newer model or version. What is the opinion of members on this?
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    I totally agree with you Umesh. It is a craze which is chasing the urban population towards something that won't benefit anybody except the manufacturers.
    A gadget is basically a helping hand for humans to reduce the manual hackwork, so that he is free to think ahead. If the gadget itself occupies human time, energy and thoughts, it is useless.
    In my opinion people should make the most of their current gadgets and upgrade only then when the current one is damaged beyond repair or it's functionality is no more useful.
    Even from the business houses who are continuously introducing the latest versions, it would be less beneficial I guess. Before the last model makes enough business, they are shifting to another.
    Moreover, this huge amount of wastage is harming the environment too.

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    I totally agree with the author that today market is full of latest devices having new and unique features and daily some new upgraded devices are launched by companies to attract gadget lovers. In this kind of situation we must stick to the law of satisfaction. We satisfied with what you have or you will never satisfied because your hunt for latest device and technology will never.
    Because of the globalization, customers have tons of choices to choose from and every company claims to provide you the best quality. So, instead of listening them, listen yourself. Before buying any device, first decide why do you wish to buy it, what is your purpose and then look at your budget too. Do some research before you buy a product, because there are many companies which are not big brands but they are giving stiff competitions to tech giants in term of quality and price.
    So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone then don't just look at Samsung, Sony or Apple. Other brands can also offer you decent features at much lower price.
    I would like to sum up all these things that a buyer should consider before buying any device in four key points :
    1. Understand your purpose and needs
    2. Look at your budget
    3. Do some research
    4. Be satisfied
    Otherwise we have also heard of people selling their kidney to buy an Iphone.

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    The time and trend has changed a bit. People once used to think many times before investing in anything even few hundred rupees and consider to invest only if it gives a long term benefit. But, the story has changed right now, people invest huge money without even much thinking like past but investing huge on a short duration or less-lifetime devices.

    Our thought might be wrong as well, as the device or gadget might be huge money but the return from this device (of communication for business purpose like calls, emails, video conferences, business (including self-employed) return etc.) might be better than their investment on this.

    Who knows, we can't compare few people who spent huge money without using enough features of it compare to highest number of people who invests huge to get higher and better returns out of it. Like, we buy a laptop by investing huge money to get higher returns out of it with a great purpose.


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    I agree that nowadays companies are in a blind race to introduce the new version of their products. Although it seems confusing for the user at one time but if you look the other side of the story actually it's beneficial for the user. In this blind race where companies are trying to give their best product, we as the user are enjoying the best version of their products. Just think of the time, when Nokia's first handset came, if no other companies have tried to produce better version we would have stuck there only and we wouldn't have enjoyed the facilities that we are getting today. However, extreme of anything isn't good, be it anything. So at the end of the day ,it totally depends on the user whether they want to use the technology wisely or want to become the slave of the technology.

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    Well, the blind race for buying new gadgets has been partly due to the increased buying power of the consumers. The options like EMIs and cashbacks have made it quite alluring to opt for the newer models and devices just blindly.
    By the way, it may not be a good idea to run after a new device just like that. In most cases, we happen to see that there are no huge improvements in the newer version that would make a huge difference of any nature.
    However, there are cases wherein we may see the improvements being launched that would make it a good investment. If the returns are high enough, I do not see any harm in attempting to upgrade yourself. However, if it just for the superficial benefits, it may not be a good idea.

    Weigh the Pros and Cons, and then decide.

    Live....and Let Live!

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