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    Rejection of articles for submitting links

    I don't know whether the editor is aware of the article submission guidelines or not because two of my articles have been put in pending status because it contains some link to Indiastudychannel. As far as I know Indiastudychannel is a sister site of Techulator and it has been clearly written in the article posting guidelines that we can submit links in the article leading to others link in the site itself or to any other sister site.
    If the concerned editor is reading this post then I humbly request you sir/mam to please go through the article posting guidelines because it hurts when you keep our posts in pending for no reason.
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    Hi Gaurav, please don't think that your articles have been rejected. they have been shifted to the Pending category, as it appears that this "External link" issue has given way to some confusion, as in one rule, it is said that members cannot link up to external links and the other rule says that you can do it if it is the sister concern site.
    I suggest you to personally send a message to Tony Sir and get it clarified. If he asks you to remove the links, in my opinion, there's no harm in it, as in that way your articles get approved and you get the price for it.
    If he says, you can, then, in that case, no change would be required. In the process, this doubt will get clarified once and for all.

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    Hi Gaurav,
    Earlier we were encouraging cross linking from sister sites but the rule was withdrawn after it effects came negative. I have approved one of your article linking to ISC but we can't have too many such links. Please remove the links from your articles and resubmit.

    Please refer this:
    Check the first sentence there "We do not encourage posting links to external websites, including our partner sites."

    Can you please also share where you saw the opposite so we can get that removed?

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