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    Mushrooming of technical sites in internet

    There are a large number of technical sites dealing with computers, telecommunication, software, Android apps, operating systems and many more subjects. Day by day new sites are adding and internet is becoming a crowdy place.

    Under such a situation a person searching for some specific technical information does not land on the proper page on the first attempt. At times it becomes very time consuming and frustrating to search an authentic information.

    With number of sites continuously increasing the future of searching jobs will be much more challenging. Is there a way to control the situation?
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    I totally agree with you. When we go searching for a particular information on the latest released gadget, we find contradictory facts given on different sites.
    But I don't think there can be any problem with job search. The reason being, that the jobs would be always advertised by the company/institution. Then there has to be a date of the job posting and in most cases the last date for application, interview date and contact details. So there you get a chance to verify.
    But regarding the saturated tech blogs and websites that do not have authentic information, we can take a few steps, like
    1. Checking the information from the company website of a product or news.
    2. Leave a comment on the website where any wrong information is shared.
    3. Create a post listing such unauthentic websites and share it on social media.

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