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    Recycling technology: how effective is it in India?

    In recent times we get to hear a lot about recycling technology. Many business brands are running such services globally especially for the old gadgets. This technology is also used for various other materials as well. But unfortunately, I haven't come across any such initiative in India.
    It is quite possible that I might have missed out the relevant news. I have loads of old stuff crowding in my house and am desperately in search of a proper way to recycle them. I request our members to share their knowledge on this. I think we all are in need of such technology relieving us from this unnecessary junk. Please share your thoughts.
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    There are some efforts by a few NGOs in this direction but they are localised in some pockets of the country. Govt also time to time issues directives in this regard but nothing concrete or at a large scale is done so far. Ours is a big country with huge population in different financial brackets and educating them for this aspect is itself a herculean task.

    Basically for recycling the old items their segregation at house level and if not possible at locality level is required. Once garbage is mixed with each other it becomes almost an impossible task to separate the good from bad.

    It is very clear that such jobs can not be done by Govt offices and only thing is they have to outsource it to private parties then only some progress can be made.

    To some extent rag pickers are doing this in a very very minor scale by collecting the good things and selling to the waste item shops or dealers who in turn are sending it for recycling by various small scale businesses who are creating various products out of it.

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    Recycling in India is not working as it should. Our standard recyclers are the Kabadis. Sadly enough, they do not care much about the environment. What is important for them is just the money that they can earn.

    There were a few startups who attempted to address this issue. I do not know the status as of now. Kabadiwala Connect was a great initiative in that direction. I am not sure what promise does it hold now.

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