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    Fan keeps running after shut down

    I have a Dell laptop with 4GB of RAM and 1TB HDD. Few days back I installed windows 10 on my laptop. In the start I found everything working like a charm. I shut down the system then keep it away. After 4-5 hours I tried to start it again but it didn't start. I was worried like hell. Then I plugged in the power supply and after few minutes I tried once more to start it and this time it booted. I found that my battery was drained after I shut it down. I had no idea at first how it all happened.
    Once again I shut it down and then I listened some sound coming out of laptop. I found that the fan was still running and in no time I understood that this fan is the culprit. I had to force shut down it after pressing the power button.
    Has anyone any idea on how to solve this problem. I need immediate help. I request all the knowledgable member of Techulator to please respond to this thread at earliest.
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    This problem has been encountered by other people also. They have discussed it thoughroly in dell forums also and it is found that problem is created by Intel Management Engine (IME) version 11.
    What is to be done is install either version 9 or 10. This engine is responsible for managing the shut off, hibernate type of functions in windows 10.

    You can get this driver either from dell site or

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    Are the fan and the lights stay ON after you shut down your computer? If it stays ON then that is a very concerning point you should not neglect further. Typically this is an issue of proper power usage on your system. Some misconfigured settings in the Power Profile is causing this problem.


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