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    How far IoT has grown in India as per your opinion?

    Internet of Things are everywhere in India and other countries. When you compare other countries, how far IoT has grown in India as per your opinion? Example will be appreciated.
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    IoT (Internet of Things) is basically a network of intelligent devices and sensors connected to each other in such a way that many tasks are easily performed without much human interventions.

    In india, in my opinion, we are in the nascent stage of IoT but with time with powerful machines and third party apps we will also be present in the race for this automation.

    One example which comes to my mind is smart car network in which a pool of cars is connected to each other and everyone is aware where exactly the other car is and many common tasks of sharing or pooling can be accomplished by the intelligent logical softwares.
    The other example is of smart homes where the devices like fridge, washing machines and microwaves will give us their status remotely and we can give instructions accordingly for ordering provisions or other utilities. Once all the gadgets are connected every information is remotely available at our disposal.

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    Yes, IoT is in nascent stage in India. It has potential and many large and small industries already associated few of their products with this development. Hope it will take-off more in the near future in India too. Smart-home is one of the best improvement so far. Only cost is little high on the related gadget for the Smart-home and it may reduce in the future.

    IoT enable solutions everywhere and its initiative is one of the main focus by large industries including safety and security products. Let's see how it progress more.


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