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    Android Oreo Launch: How Wide Could be this Upgrade?

    Google has launched the newest version of Android mobile operating system, on this Monday as "Oreo" named after the favourite sandwich cookie, taking the same design as their logo, and it is going to start rolling out in the upcoming months.
    But Google is itself in a little bit doubt, how many Android Users are going to update into this latest platform, as the statistics shown in the report is not showing a very happy picture in the Upgradation scenario.
    It is saying that most of the Android phone users are still running out of date software. As of now, in the reports seen for the early August of this year, only about 13% of Android devices are running their last version Nougat operating system. Even today, majority of the Android gadgets are running on Marshmallow which was two generations old. what more, or they can say worse, Lollipop which had been launched nearly three years back is still running the show. Stepping back towards 2013's KitKat which got introduced four generations back are still more widely used by the Android devices.
    So it is evident, that though Google is in a hurry to launch their latest stuff every now and then, people in common are not. Here, we techies are all together gathering experiences on the latest technology as and when they appear. So, will a large number of android users would go for this upgrade to Oreo? Please share your opinion and views on this.
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    Once a person is accustomed or comfortable with a particular version he does not go for upgrade until unless it offers a lot of advantages in terms of ease of operating and other factors.

    Only the technically sound and so called techies will venture in the latest version and may also get the advantage out of it. In my opinion among the common masses there will be few takers of Oreo.

    Knowledge is power.

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    After Android Marshmallow and Nougat success, the Oreo might be one of the best OS from Google. The Android OS is generally a friendly manner for many users across globe, so, the common masses don't compare them much but using it casually as usual without going its in-depth detail.

    The mass give first preference to Brand Device, RAM, Camera, Storage, Price beside Android OS since the OS is just an adventure to browse with some interesting on the menu design and icon etc.

    However many users aside techie won't use more than 30% to 40% in-depth features of the phone. Mostly know to attend the calls, message, few apps, photos, videos, browsing and sharing etc. only.


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    The reason for non upgraded devices to the latest Android operating system lies with the manufacturers. Unlike Apple, Android is not only on its own devices that Google makes. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi or thousands of them make it a tough task for the consumers to get the update. They go through a long process of testing the official software on their devices, adding their own customizations and then getting it approved - a lot of time is spent on them and new version is at the door.

    Moreover, there is this Google policy that does not support device once it crosses 18 months after its launch. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S3 that launched in 2012 received an update to Android Jellybean 4.3 and that was the end of it. Then there are people who are unaware of it, that the software needs upgradation to a new version. A classic example is hundreds of computers and laptops still running on Windows XP which has stopped being maintained by Microsoft.

    I do not think we cannot blame Google here, itg is the manufacturers who are to be blamed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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