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    Issue in cloud server.

    How SSL encryption secures big data in cloud?

    I am using cloud server from, I have a confusion which is mention in above question.
    Any one tell me answer of this question.
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    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is used between a server and a client who is sending data to server in a encrypted fashion through the secure connection. During this connection the data remains secure and private.

    Same thing is applied to a cloud server which is connected in the web and to many clients who are storing their data securely in cloud and retrieving it whenever required. The cloud must protect it with SSL security so that it can handle the https protocol with all the users who have also secured there data with SSL encryption.

    SSL security encrption software system is to be purchased from SSL providers and is valid for a period after which its license is to be renewed. Generally these are available in 128k mode though 256k is also available with enlarged encryption. SSL software keys for encrypting or decrypting are provided by the provider for data encryption and decryption.

    With SSL or TSL (later version of SSL) a cloud system is secure and can transmit data in an encrypted fashion to avoid data breach issues during transmission.

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    To summarize, here are the top challenges in cloud server:

    -Security issues.
    -Cost management and containment.
    -Lack of resources/expertise.
    -Managing multiple clouds.
    -Building a private cloud.

    Rachel Gomez

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