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    Cut throat competition in market for mobile internet data plans

    The market is having a situation of offering more mobile internet data to its customers for the same denomination. Airtel and MTNL have already joined the fray and others are also announcing more data day by day.

    With Reliance Jio coming out with a dongle and sim combination for about Rs 2400 giving 1GB 4G data per day for 6 months including cost of dongle is a plan which has generated lot of interest.

    The sibling reliance has also come up with a plan for about Rs 150 for 1GB data per day for 60 days.

    The market is moving in the favour of customer with more data at good speeds. Do you feel it is a healthy business trend.
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    Definitely. We would all benefit from this competition and in a way, Reliance has done a good job by bringing down the unreasonable cost of data we have been paying till now. This way, better communication process could be established and the huge discrimination between the data plans from different business houses would perish. None of the users would feel cheated and none will get any extra benefit either.
    Though it is a war among the business strategies, it is going to be beneficial for the common people for the first time in history I guess.

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    There will always be a competition in Telecom, Electronics and FMCG industries etc. We might sometime get the best price with quality stuff at present than comparing the past or recent past.

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    I wish that this cut throat competition keep on going for ever because we the customers are getting benefit of this competition. Earlier 1GB of 3G data pack costs more than 100 rupees in offer price or usually around 150 but now the same telecom operator is offering unlimited data for the same price. So, I would like to thank Mukesh Ambani sir for introducing Jio. He has just revolutionized the market by providing high speed 4G data at much affordable price. Jio has saved us from being looted by telecom operators. If Jio would not be introduced then a normal 4G data pack of 1GB would cost around 200.

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