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    Jio Phone Releases this August 24, are you all giving it a try?

    JioPhone has made headlines again at the Reliance AGM on this Friday when Mukesh Ambani revealed the real truth on the 4G feature phone that has been the talk of the town.

    The handset would be introduced with the popular terminology "India ka Smartphone" on this August 24, with an "effective price" of Rs. 0.
    But in reality, the buyers will have to deposit an amount of Rs. 1,500 which would be refundable.
    It goes without saying that this JioPhone would be revolutionary both for the manufacturing company as well as its competitors who would be definitely affected by this new business strategy of Reliance.

    Here, I am curious to know, how much would this move from Reliance effect the normal "affluent" society, for whom their smartphone is more of a status symbol than a multi-purpose gadget.
    I invite all our techies to join this conversation and share their views.
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    The middle class customer will definitely grab this opportunity to acquire a smartphone against security deposit of only Rs1500.

    Reliance is famous for its affordable schemes and materials whether it is synthetic polyproplyne or data plans. They have capacity to invest huge capital outlays for anything to be introduced aggressively in market.

    The higher strata will not be much affected by this move of the conglomerate because they have capacity to go for niche products available in market from reputed manufacturers like apple.

    Anyway this is a welcome move for providing an affordable gadget to general public.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think the major customer for this phone will be the lower middle class which will be either looking for moving from a feature phone to a smartphone or those who will be looking at keeping this as a backup phone.
    Personally, I have a 4G VoLTE phone and therefore I don't have any interest in the JioPhone. Although I do plan to buy a Jio SIM soon enough. I have got this 4G phone recently and comparing the plans I feel I will save a lot of money with Jio SIM.

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    In my opinion this new Jio phone will receive an over whelming response from public because after all it will cost zero rupees. We have witnessed a large number of people in queue to just get the Jio sim card and this Reliance is targeting 2G and 3G users by introducing a 4G handset at such a lower price.
    Customer will also avail some special offer from Jio for calling and data as a part of promotion of handset. So, it's going to be a win-win situation for both customer as well as Mukesh Ambani.
    I have already a 4G handset but I will buy one for my mother.

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