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    How was your experience using AppLock?

    Dear friends, I'm worrying about my phone security...I have set a screen lock, but there are snoopers around me, so I want to install such an app to set a lock on my apps and data. I searched applock in Play store, there are so many similar app....I wonder which is better...

    I found AppLock from DoMobile is on the top of the list, but there still are some negative reviews, the same as the other apps, even the negative reviews are more and more.
    So anyone from you used DoMobile AppLock( If you have feedback or suggestions, please tell me. Thank you so much in advance!
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    Even I have tried the Applock app, but that has troubled me a lot. For every functionality, it would keep asking for the pattern that I have drawn as the key to open each app I have added to it. Though it might be a good way to stay protected, it becomes cumbersome for the users to open an app in a hurry, and drawing the pattern every time is really disgusting.
    Finally, I stopped it, and now I am using 360 Security for securing my stuff and I found it to be quite elastic and user-friendly.

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    Hi Anwesha, thanks for your feedback, and it is indeed annoying if it keeps asking for the pattern. But I found there is an option called Allow a brief exit in AppLock, maybe you can enable it))
    By the way, I have installed AppLock from DoMobile, I will try it for some time, and then leave my feedback here.

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    I had some security issues in my phone and even 360 security was not helping. I loaded mobikwik anti virus which is doing a good job for securing the phone.
    I do not know if anyone any experience with it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thanks Nadyaali for the useful information. I would definitely be interested in trying it out. These days when all our important information is online, we all are in search of a good security system.
    Thanks Umesh for sharing your experience with Mobikwik. I have heard a lot about it, but somehow didn't get any first hand experience yet, but would surely like to try it out. It would be still more helpful if you let us know how the AppLock works in it.

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    Hi Umesh, did you ever try DoMobile AppLock? If the two apps both don't help, you can contact the developers of them to solve the problem, or just leave a comment in Play store. Here is the link:

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    Thanks, I will try it and come back with feedback.
    Thanks. Actually mobikwik does not have a free version. So many are not familiar with it.
    Anyway let me find out about applock before we discuss it further.

    Knowledge is power.

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