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    How to increase visitor for my blog

    Hello bro, i am very hard worker blogger. I Want to increase visitor for my blog , anyone have secrete way to increase visitor then comment here. I need it really badly.
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    You can start by improving your English skills (secret, not secrete) and then probably writing on topics you really like.

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    There are a few prerequisites for increasing the traffic to your side.

    1. Good English skills.
    2. Quality content.
    3. Using key words attracting search engines.
    4. Something for which a visitor may come time and again.

    It is easy to say but difficult to achieve as all of this requires lot of hard work, determination and zeal.

    Anyway we have to work hard to reach our goals and achieve our objectives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To be frank enough, there is no secret way to get an increased traffic. The only way out is to work hard. From what I can see after checking out your blog, I am sorry to let you know that your language seems to be an issue. Also, try to pay attention to keywords that are likely to bring more traffic.

    I would also advise you to check out the trending topics that are likely to fetch traffic. Content is the king as they say. If you have access to a better content your site will indeed be a better performer.

    Live....and Let Live!

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