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    What are the member level In

    Give me some information about the member level in the are the membership levels in the
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    Member levels on the site are an indication of the contribution that you have been able to achieve here on Techulator. They are calculated on the basis of total points you have earned on the site.
    Any new member joining the site begins the journey with Bronze level. As you go on accumulating more points with your valuable contributions across different sections, your level goes up . There are five levels of performance - Bronze level, Silver level, Gold level, Diamond level and Platinum level. The higher levels show up your performance here. Please note that there are no monetary benefits associated with these levels.
    For more information, visit this link.

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    Different levels on Techulator signify the contributions made by the member on the site. Higher level can be achieved by gaining more points which is directly proportional to the submissions made by the member. Different levels and corresponding points are:

    Bronze: upto 100 Points

    Silver: 101 to 500 Points

    Gold: 501 to 5000 Points

    Diamond: 5001 to 25000 Points AND 2,500 points earned in last 12 months

    Platinum: Above 25000 Points AND 10,000 points earned in last 12 months

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