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    Ransomware strikes again - this time in the form of Petya

    Last month's Wannacry ransomware and the furor it caused seems to have made the hackers more confident. Another malware has taken control of over 20 companies ( maybe that figure will further rise as the reports and detections pour in) so far.
    Is it not a warning bell for us to keep our operating systems safe and updated? The ransomware has attacked business organizations as the hackers are aware that these organizations struggle with applying the security patches on a regular basis. There have been reports indicating that the new ransomware has made use of the same security loophole in Windows that Wannacry used to its benefit. That clearly goes to prove that the people have not learned from the past experience. Microsoft has released the patch for the security loophole and yet, many users have not applied it. What would that mean? Negligence or carelessness?
    I would expect our techians to come up with their views on the issue of Petya ransomware in particular and security threats in general.
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    I would say, it is more a proof of ignorance than negligence. To be specific, people who are directly dealing with digital security are the ones, who could be in the know-how of such news, and people who are using the digital applications only for regular household purposes and day-to-day nitty gritty reasons would simply not know, what is happening around.
    Yes, negligence is there from the people of Microsoft, who are not supposed to repeat the same mistakes and let the users suffer. It was basically their responsibility to seal out those dangerous loopholes that have already damaged their security system.
    If we look from the other angle, we never know, if it is again a business strategy of the leading houses, who are participating in the race. After all, it is humans who are sitting at the back, running their fingers on. They can be ignorant, negligent, irresponsible and so on...

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