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    Does India have its own Search Engine?Or Can it?

    Whenever we think of search engines, the first(or the only?) name that comes to our mind is Google. Maybe it is the same status worldwide. But, do we have any indigenous search engine in India?
    I remember hearing something on those lines long back - maybe in the 90s. I am not sure, but I guess I had heard something called Guruji. Does the search engine still exist? On the second thoughts, why do we not have alternative search engines? Or are they overshadowed by Google?

    Any inputs from our techians would be welcome.
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    Yes, recently, I heard of one Indian Search Engine named But it is again powered by Google. So, that isn't as original as however. Though the site is not popular today as it used to be, I found a link, where they are offering a free download of this application. Here you can give it a try:
    I think it is all about the tough competition that our guys are afraid of. But when we think of the individual talents of India conquering highest positions in Microsoft and Google, I can't fathom, why can't such initiatives take place when it comes to working for their own country.
    Today, when Digital India is on the run, I think, it is high time, that the intelligentsia works a little bit harder to strike an independent mark of our nation in the Digital world. Like China has Baidu, India too should have its own search engine running.

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    Exactly. When Indians can be at the helm of renowned software companies in the west, why can we not have the same talent working for the betterment of our own country? That is indeed too strange to understand. Thanks for the link to Guruji. Let me check it out.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    The nearest one which I found is and not sure whether it is driven by google or simple directory search model.

    Having huge servers available to us I think it is possible to have our own search engine with emphasis on local languages and cultural aspects.

    Knowledge is power.

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